Parsons School of Art,
Media + Technology presents:

Streaming Cultures was conceived by Victoria Vesna, visiting professor from UCLA, as a way for faculty to broadcast lectures about their research focus. It was first implemented in 2009-10 school year to track and collect faculty research as well as record visiting lecturers and events. In Fall of 2010, the Parsons Streaming Cultures collaboration studio, led by Anezka Sebek and Simeon Poulin, students learned streaming technology and moved content and a new website to Parsons own Flash Media Server. Continuing into 2011, the Streaming Culture effort will encompass research-oriented lectures and featured events.

Fall 2010 Students:

Bryant Davis
Christian Eckels
Jason McConville
Tricia Okin
Domenick Propati
Brian Putz
Caroline Romedenne

Research Technologist:
Leif Percival

Simeon Poulin
Anezka Sebek